Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued a statement announcing the (All) Republican appointments to the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s new Select Investigative Panel. Will they focus on energy? Will they focus on commerce? No! They will expend energy on the ‘so called’ ‘grisly practices of big abortion providers’. The committee has 31 Republicans and 23 Democrats, yet no Dems are included.

The 'Tight pants' committee meets and stretches.

The ‘Tight pants’ committee meets and stretches.

He then said there are many more new committees that will be formed right up to election-day 2016 such as: the Committee to assure us that all Committees will have a Majority of Republicans on them.

The Committee to investigate any and all claims Democrats Make.

There’s the Panel to Continue Bringing up Benghazi even when there’s no Evidential Reason to do so. We’ll form the Committee to investigate anyone named ‘Ben Ghazi’ and see if he is suffering harm as a result. The Committee to see how far to the right we can go and not have the American electorate believe we’re bat-shit crazy.

There will be a Standing Committee to actually read Hillary’s emails and report back on her private life. There’s a committee to see how many times we can vote to repeal Obamacare and a committee to figure out what the heck we’ll do if it is actually repealed.

“In the run up to the election, we’ll have ample time to spend Congress’ time and money with committees we hope will focus the nation on an agenda that will probably get us ‘creamed’ in 2016, but secure in the knowledge that we have set a course that some on the fringe will follow through hell and high water.”