Frequently Asked Questions About StackStreet

Updated June 12, 2015

What is StackStreet is all about? What is our history? Where are now? Where we are going moving forward?

The same questions come at us frequently, so we thought we would do our best to answer those here. And if you have additional questions, feel free to ping us anytime.

So what is StackStreet?

StackStreet is a new, and very exciting professional social network where publishing content (thought-leadership) is at our core. Think of us as a minimalist version of LinkedIn.

Why would people want to register, publish, and network on StackStreet?

How about escalating their current profession, earn top dollars, and continue to be recruited for the top jobs? Sounds pretty good, right? Employers are always looking to hire thought-leaders, even for entry-level positions.

What is the cost to use StackStreet?

Zero (0$).

I am looking to register as a user on StackStreet, but can’t. Why is that?

StackStreet is currently open to students, staff and faculty of select universities. As StackStreet grows, we will open to additional universities, and alumni of those universities. Users that registered previously during our “invitation-only” period will continue to have access.

How did you come up with the name “StackStreet”?

This awesome name was invented in an extremely hot conference room in San Francisco over a weekend in early 2014 and we trademarked it shortly thereafter.

Are you guys VC backed?

Several prominent VC firms (and a few large media companies) have engaged with us over the last year since we first launched in mid 2014 — we have declined funding offers so far.


Where are you guys based?

We hang out primarily in Venice, California (beach that is), and the greater Los Angeles area. We see the LA area VC and startup tech scene thriving.

Why do people write on StackStreet?

The same reason they write for free (publish articles) on LinkedIn and other platforms such as Facebook.

But … StackStreet is not LinkedIn, so why do people write on an unknown platform?

Ambitious professionals recognize that StackStreet is a high-quality and well designed platform – and it’s a brand that resonates with Millennials in particular.

So you’re saying that if I publish articles/content on StackStreet, I will get a better job?

In theory, yes. HR departments of several large corporations (Fortune 500 companies) have expressed a strong interest in StackStreet and interacting with users that publish here.

Are you hiring?


What kind of people are you looking to hire?

We seek advanced programmers and mathematicians, with deep computer science background that have extensive experience with social networking design and logic. Previous experience at LinkedIn or Facebook would be awesome.

I heard you guys are incorporating professional social networking into StackStreet, tell me more please?

While LinkedIn connects (networks) professionals based on degrees of separation, we believe that professionals should network based on common content interests.

So if I publish an article on StackStreet, what happens next in terms of “professional networking”?

Potential employers, fellow thought-leaders, and university students will be interested in connecting with you, if they like what you have to say.

How can I keep up to date on what is happening at StackStreet?

Register now on the site for our briefing emails/newsletters.

What is the best burger in the LA area?

We like vegetarian tacos.