Up until now, freelancing has not been a very esteemed career choice. People would look with disbelief at how you manage to work from home and still earn a living. Of course, freelancing was once extremely tough in the terms of monetizing one’s work. Now, all that is changed.

There were a lot of cases of employers not paying the freelancers, so the job outcome was a bit uncertain. Nowadays everything is different, as a staggering 40% of the American workforce is comprised of freelancers and that number is just going to keep on rising.

The new Face of Freelancing

An increasing number of experts is hopping on the freelancing bandwagon. This fact alone should be enough for employers to accept freelancers as being capable of getting the desired job done.

Freelancers are their own bosses and finally, they get the respect they deserve.

There is an increasing number of positions suitable for freelancers and the increase of money they can get for their work is evident. 2016 is a great year for becoming a freelancer. A lot of companies will hire less employees and more freelancers to be a part of their creative teams.

Location Independence

If you like travelling and writing, you can become a travel blogger. This occupation has become very popular as there are many entrepreneurs, writers and travelers, who succeeded in monetizing their travel blogs. This is what location independence looked like up until recently, before freelance workers started to take over the market.

Currently, there are many jobs that you can do while on the road. Some development jobs really pay a lot, while others a bit less so it would be wise to investigate what is currently in high demand. If you are doing quality work and have built a substantial portfolio, work opportunities should be pouring your way. Consequently, if all that you require is an internet connection and a computer (which is usually the case in the IT industry), your location is pretty much irrelevant.

Competition is Fiercer than Ever

With the countless new job openings, workers will start leaving their 9 to 5 jobs in favor of doing freelance work. This means that you, as a freelancer, will face even more competition than ever. But the numbers alone should not frighten you. If you are doing quality work, you will not lack work opportunities. Pay attention to your marketing.

It used to be that freelancers were regular workers who lost their job somehow and were forced to become freelancers. As we already mentioned, freelancing was looked down upon in the past. Now, freelancers are the ones that choose what they want to do. They are not work scavengers, but have a multitude of options to choose from, based on their expertise.

The main reason why freelancers choose to lead such a life is due to the flexibility of their engagement. They can set their own deadlines, make up their own schedule and are not tied to a specific location. Flexibility is in high demand today because people are getting fed up with their office spaces and having to commute on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Freelancing

As you might presume, there are plenty of benefits. Some people do not like having a boss, as they might have authority issues. Others do not want to be in the same home-work-home routine every day. Let us list some of the things that are most desired by freelancers when opting for such a lifestyle.

Location Independence – As aforementioned, freelancing does not require you to be tied to an office. There is a rise in the number of digital nomads- they travel the world and reside in co-working spaces. This is as close to an office as it can get- you get to work with other freelancers and possibly establish solid connections.

Earning Potential – A freelancer is not limited to a specific pay grade. Earning more money depends solely on the freelancer. So, if you want a pay increase, you either pick out higher paying jobs or take on more work.

Job Security – As a freelancer, you do not have to be afraid of losing your job. Of course, if you do not pay attention, someone might take advantage of your skills, but if you only connect to trusted employers, you will be safe.

Passion – Freelancing gives you the opportunity to do what you love most. When doing what you love, quality is guaranteed. Furthermore, you are able to grow your passion and do something that really interests you.

Freedom – If you have a client that is giving you a hard time, you do not have to keep working for them if you are a freelancer. The freedom to choose your own clients is what is ultimately the biggest advantage of freelancing.

No Fear Allowed

If you really want to become a freelancer, you will have to be devoid of the fear of failing. To become successful, you will have to make some mistakes along the way. So, free up your schedule, whatever you need to do, and start searching for work opportunities. Give yourself a couple of months to get started and notice how the progress happens all on its own.