file4351270223346Going green is more than a popular buzzword, it is a total way of life. This lifestyle can even include the roof on a home or building. Green roofs offer significant private and public benefits, and that has influenced the popularity of green roof technologies to increase considerably in the United States over recent years. In some regions of the country, governments use incentives and regulations to make it desirable to put green roofs on new buildings to ensure house owners, tenants, and the public reap the benefits. Here are four reasons to choose green roofing technologies.

1 Energy Efficiency

Green roofs help control the flow of heat into and out of the surfaces they cover. There is sufficient evidence to show that the insulation benefit is much greater during summer. According to the National Research Council of Canada, green roofs reduce the daily energy demand for air conditioning in the summer by approximately 75 percent.

2 Rainwater Purification

Green roofs also purify water. Whenever it rains, before reaching the drain, the rainwater flows through the plant and substrate layers. This reduces the quantity of lead, copper and other minerals entering the drain.

3 Capture of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is a dangerous gas created through combustion of fossil fuels. Since the industrial revolution, the amount of CO2 in the air has increased significantly. Plants on the roofs absorb CO2, thus purifying the air.

4 Amenities and Aesthetics

Well-maintained green roofs allow occupants to enjoy staying outdoors. The cooler temperatures and lovely carpets of flowers make them valuable as amenities for people residing or working within the buildings. This experience can only help people to appreciate the benefits of green roofing.

The above reasons to choose green roofing technologies focus on the improvement of both the public and private life of all people. Apart from improving energy efficiency, green roofing ensures the environment is clean and habitable. Many regions in the United States have appreciated the benefits and are putting strategies in place to make it possible for more people to put these roofs on their new buildings.