In theory blogger outreach looks easy seeing as all you need to do is reach out to influencers to leverage their following and gain exposure for your brand or perhaps website. Sadly as you first attempt to achieve this you might find yourself hitting a brick wall of sorts, with most of your emails falling on deaf ears and a few scattered refusals thrown away into the mix as well.

Although that could be frustrating, the fact of the matter is that it’s actually all about your strategy. If you wish to get any kind of success in blogger outreach or guest posting, there are 4 crucial rules specifically which you absolutely must follow:

• Establish connections

The golden rule behind blogger outreach is establishing relationships. Showing up out of the blue and trying to get the interest of influencers is a shot in the dark, however if you have a pre-existing connection with them then your chances are more desirable. Follow them on social media, visit their blog, comment on it and start a discussion before you make your pitch.

• Keep it brief and concise

When you reach out to any influencer be sure your message is short, clear and straight to the point. Even an influencer with a moderately-sized following will be on the receiving end of countless email messages per day from brands, clients as well as one blogger outreach provider or another, so they aren’t likely to spend their valuable time as you beat around the bush.

• Remember: Not a single person desires to work for free

If perhaps you’re hoping that an influencer would probably market your brand name or site at no charge – think again. Being an influencer is a full time job, and odds are if you approach them with a lowball deal or expect them to undertake it in exchange for absolutely nothing then you aren’t likely to get really far at all.

• Research the influencers that you plan to pitch to

Learning even more about the influencers that you’re pitching to could go a long way. Not just will it help make certain you select the right influencers with the most relevant following to your niche, but it can even help you to find out what type of articles or promotion they would be eager to engage in – based on their past work and readers.

If done right, blogger outreach can be extremely powerful and increase your readers by leaps and bounds. That said it is surely going to take some time to research, engage and build relationships with the perfect influencers in your niche. That is why using a blogger outreach service is an increasingly well-liked quick way – since it outsources the process.

Still now that you understand the rules of the game, you need to be able to start to gain a foothold with a few influencers. Don’t hope it to be easy though, as you can be confident that you’ll be competing for attention with many other folks therefore it will definitely be a challenge to say the least.