And another one bites the dust…

Florida ‘for profit’ schools give Florida Medicare fraud a run for the money

What’s worse: the Islamic ‘state’ banning education or asking students to take out educational loans from for profit schools that offer sub-standard academics with no accreditation for their courses and line the pockets of their so called educators? It’s the biggest rip-off since Velcro.

With all the rampant politically connected fraud in Florida, a new player is being taken down. Fast Train, a ‘for profit’ school used former strippers in short skirts and stiletto heels while signing up prospective students, some of whom didn’t have a high school diploma. Were these prospective students lured by the ‘bling’? The school scammed the government into giving them more than 6 and a half million dollars in Pell grants and student loans for medical and other non-accredited courses.

Fast Train, the nation’s second largest ‘for profit’ college chain paid $95 million to the Department of Justice for improperly compensating recruiters. We should have known from the name alone that they were going to railroad those students.

Florida’s designated watchdog agency, the Commission for Independent Education, is overseen by a board dominated by executives of the very schools it is supposed to monitor. The commission could not cite a single occasion in its decade and a half in existence when a complaint led to sanctions against a school. Suspicious?

Would you want someone with a sub-standard education to work on your health concerns?

Vulnerable students being scammed every step of the way

Vulnerable students being scammed every step of the way

David Pinnell, A Private Postsecondary School Consultant working with the Florida Commission for Independent Education reviewed the group for Google reviews and gave it 5 stars. There was no written backup to rationalize the 5 stars.

From his website: “Please be aware that State approved does not mean accredited.” This clue is buried in the handbook that students are given and referenced when the hoodwinked students complain.