Our selection of land around Texas is vast, and it’s simple to search for your property using our easy to use map tool. The laws allow banks to seek deficiencies from their borrowers but owner financing homes those same laws DO NOT allow you, as the seller financing the sale of your home, to sue the borrower for any deficiency in what they owe should you have to foreclose your mortgage or deed of trust. It doesn’t matter if the property has an existing loan, except to the extent that the existing lender might accelerate the loan upon sale due to an alienation clause Instead of going to the bank, the buyer gives a financing instrument to the seller as evidence of the loan and makes payments to the seller.

Although seller financing can provide some excellent options for you as a buyer, the strategy is not without some risks and dangers to be aware of. This owner financing houses section is going to look at 3 of the most common concerns when dealing with seller financing and offer some tips on overcoming those potential problems.

This has not always been the case, but in today’s lending environment with under 4% loans, it’s difficult to get a seller to accept interest as low as that (though, some investors seller financed homes do negotiate 0% interest seller financed loans.) Just be sure to run the numbers with the interest rates you plan on obtaining, and make sure they work for the deal. For more information, please visit our site http://anyhomeownerfinancing.com/