Which are the food items that trigger acid reflux? Really speaking, no any particular food item can be made responsible for causing acid reflux. Besides the hiatus hernia, pregnancy, obesity, and certain medications; it is the food that plays a vital role in triggering acid reflux. There are several foods that cause acid reflux. Sometimes, for a person suffering from acid reflux, it becomes quite challenging to avoid such food items. However, not all food items may cause acid reflux in everyone. So, if you are an acid reflux patient, it is advisable to know what causes acid reflux and avoid it if possible. Here are some foods that cause acid reflux and the patients can avoid if they really desire to get rid of the problem:

  • Fried and spicy foods: The fried and spicy foods are notorious for causing acid reflux. Not only do they cause acid reflux, but such food items are considered to be not very conducive to good health and it is better to avoid consuming such foods too often.
  • Chocolate: For the chocolate lovers, it is not the good news. The mere reference of chocolate can compel the tongues to drool. But unfortunately, it is not suitable for the people suffering from acid reflux. Containing caffeine, fat, cocoa, and various stimulants like theobromine etc; it is one of the foods that cause acid reflux and worth avoiding by the people suffering from acid reflux.
  • Soda and other carbonated beverages: Certain beverages such as the soda or the carbonated beverages tend to create bubbles in the stomach when consumed. The bubbles then exert extra pressure in the stomach, causing acid reflux.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Whether it is the wine, liquor, beer, or any other alcoholic beverages, all are known as the foods causing acid reflux. These beverages are not that acidic but what they do is that they relax the esophagus valve at the bottom and this leads to acid reflux. Moreover, consuming acidic mixtures with these beverages escalates the chances of acid reflux.
  • Fatty foods: The high fat dairy products or foods that are high in fat cause acid reflux. It does not mean that one should entirely avoid cheese or butter. They can be used for flavoring the dishes, but the excess of these should be avoided.
  • High fat meat: Meet is, of course, good for health, but for a person suffering from acid reflux, the high fat meet can cause havoc. Consuming the low fat meat such as the lean chicken, fish, and turkey etc is better to avoid acid reflux.

Knowing what causes acid reflux can be very much helpful in keeping such things at bay. It is not a difficult task to get the medicines for acid reflux. Even the home remedies can successfully eliminate the issue. However, if the disease can be warded off just by abstaining from something, there is nothing better than this. Changing the eating habits and lifestyle, therefore, can prove to be an effective measure to harness acid reflux.


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