Donald trump is now going after what he claims is an egregious act by the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “She spurned a plea from a head of State for assistance and we cannot let it pass without a Congressional investigation.”

He went on, “I heard it from so many people, that a Prince Waseem Attah of Nigeria, who I’m sure is a fantastic person and I have great respect for him, had asked her personally to arrange a ‘transfer of funds’ to I’m sure was the Clinton Foundation but it could have been her personal bank account, which would prove that it’s a rigged system, totally a rigged system.

Now these funds which I’m sure would be untraceable because you know Hillary, and Wiki leaks will back me up because I have great respect for Jim Wiki, whatever his name is, I have people, people who know him say, and I’ve heard from so many people that he, this prince, Hey, a Prince! Called her ‘dependable and trustworthy’ and he’s a Prince. Why did he do that?

Listen when I tell you that I’ve known many princes and when you get to that level, well, people will stand up for you and believe you. He wanted to transfer his funds, and believe me when I tell you that it was deleted from the server in seconds because you know, there’s another cover up going on over there in her basement and the media, you know, the dishonest media, they’re all with her and I’m telling you, they’re against what we’re doing here, people have said this. It was a very shady deal, and I know deals, look, I’m a dealmaker. I make deals, great deals and when you make a deal with me you know who you’re dealing with and all he wanted was her fax number and telephone number. That’s not a deal folks. I would have made a deal that would make his head spin. Do I need to go on?”