There is nothing bad in acquiring knowledge of things that can affect your favorite vehicle. Automotive paint of cars is a similar issue which is highly sensitive. As your favorite car become old it might get some dents, scratches and its look become totally dull. Repair of the car by any garage or any reputed company may cost high on your pocket. It will be a good idea to try a hand at it. Before starting painting procedure it is worthy to know what is the use of automotive paints?

Touch up paints are the effective solution of the problem which arises in a look of a car due to small scratches. These paints return the original beauty of the car which it has earlier. The best part of this paint is that we can apply it to our car by ourselves. Amazed!! Yes, it is true, you can repair small issues like this of your own.

Where can we buy this type of paint?

This paint is easily available in all automotive stores but if you want, you can buy it online as well. There are a number of people in this world who live in remote areas where facilities of local stores are not available in this case online buying can an effective solution. Different types of automotive paints are available in the market according to the brand of vehicle you have. For example, if you have mazda then you have to go to the category of mazda touch up paint and then search your desired color. Likewise, other paints which are highly popular and give same texture like the original are Nissan Touch Up Paint , Volkswagen Touch Up Paint and Toyota Touch Up Paint .

What is the procedure of applying this of paint on your car?

This procedure is followed up in two phases, first cleaning of damaged area and then repairing. First, we start with the cleaning of that area. Park your vehicle in shade and clean with shampoo which is specifically developed for this purpose. Then after leaving the car to dry, after some time, use strong sandpaper and dust that area, take margin of 2 inches from an imperfect area and rub that area as well. Use a soft cloth to remove the sand.

The next phase is quite crucial for the successful completion of repairing. Mask the fine area of the car so that paint or primer doesn’t split over it.

Now take primer and apply a coat over it. You need to repeat this process for 3 to 4 times with a gap of 10 minutes between each coat. Let it dry and after it starts painting, it is only your duty to check whether paint matches to original color or not. If it has exact color of the car then take it out with the help of brush and apply it over imperfect part. Repeat this process for 2 times with a gap of 20 to 30 minutes for let it set on that area.

After this process, only final coat is remaining. Do it gently over that area and your car is now as good as new.

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