Rooting your Android smartphones has become all the rage for tech-geeks these days. Rooting a phone allows a whole new world of modifications to open up for the developer, thus he is not restricted to the limited applications available in the play store.

Rooting can help you increase your phone’s battery life and speed. Of course, rooting your device still poses considerable risks so always have a good plan ready to minimize the hazards.

Make Backup of Your Data

Before you begin rooting your device, remember to back your data up in a storage device or the cloud. This is because rooting your phone causes you to perform a factory reset on your phone, which erases all data from your internal storage, including pictures, videos, documents and even contacts.

Backing up your data will allow you to restore it easily once the rooting process is done with, causing you to lose absolutely nothing.

Become a Developer

To root your phone, you must have access to developer options. Developer options include enabling USB debugging OEM unlock and others.

To gain access to these options, go to Settings>About, Tap on the Build number option seven times, and you will become a developer. Go back to Settings, and you will see an option called ‘Developer’. You can then have easy access to all these options and can then move on to the succeeding steps of rooting your phone.

Look up Tutorials

There are specific tutorials for each kind of phone. To minimize the risks involved, always look up the appropriate tutorials pertaining to your phone and go accordingly.

This is an absolutely necessary step because in case something goes wrong, your precious phone will be turned into a vegetable and you will not be able to access it.

One thing that could greatly benefit you, in this case, is learning how to unroot your phone. This is so in case something does go wrong, you can easily reverse the entire thing and your phone can go back to being the way it was. All you will have to do then is restore your data and your phone is back to the way you remember it.

You can then try again if you wish to do so.

Use Reliable Rooting Services

Always use reliable rooting services to make your phone undergo this process. Some of these services include KingoRoot and safe root.

For this purpose, you can ask people on forums or read reviews of these tools online. Using obscure services can put your Android phone at great risk of breaking down.

Keep Your Budget Ready

Almost all reliable and trustworthy rooting tools require some payment. This is why it is helpful to keep a good budget ready if you decide to root your phone.

Downloading these tools on torrent or using obscure tools and services just because they are free can massively endanger your phone and you might not even have a way to bring it back.