History brings to mind long hours in a social studies classroom where students were forced to memorize information they often wondered if they would use again. A school trip to the museum often involved a long bus ride and endless lectures in a place that smelled much like your grandmother’s closet. Once people graduate and enter into their adult lives, they realize the importance of learning about history. Consider five reasons for historic preservation.

1. Learning About the Past Helps 

History tends to repeat itself, especially if people do not consciously evolve and make necessary changes to avoid negative circumstances. Learning about the past helps people make smarter decisions. They avoid the mistakes of days gone by and learn from the victories.

2. Valuable History Lurks Beneath Scruffy Surroundings

Few people find rare antiques or signatures of our forefathers on a pristine table just waiting for discovery. These items are often lurking beneath scruffy surroundings that must be preserved and explored. Tearing down buildings can mean destroying valuable historical pieces. Historic preservation can salvage important pieces of our past.

3. Visual Representations Make History Real

Seeing a house, building, weaponry, books, and clothing from the past makes it feel real. Reading about history and seeing images in a textbook are not the same as having visual representations to bring history to modern life. 

4. Greater Understanding Between the Generations

Listening to seemingly tall tales about a great-grandmother who walked ten miles to school might make a young person drift off. Seeing a one-room schoolhouse gives people a greater understanding of what education was really like for the previous generations. This can also help foster greater understand between the generations.

5. Preserving Culture and Surroundings

When a historical landmark is preserved rather than destroyed, it helps to maintain the culture and flavor of the surrounding area. People can visit these museums and landmarks to appreciate the amazing architecture and unique designs.