morguefileSummer is almost here and everyone is looking for way to make the living easy. There are a few simple tips to ensure your outdoor living areas are more fun and functional this year.

1. Add Candles and Solar Lights

If you don’t want to worry about the hassle or expense of setting up outdoor lighting, there are easier ways to do it. Put solar lights in areas of your property that get sun during the day. At night, they will illuminate your outdoor areas. Add candles to tables and darker spots. Include candles enclosed in heavy glass so they don’t blow out or tip over. Also put out a couple of citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes.

2. Invest in a Large Tray

WDNU offers a great suggestion to people who like to entertain outdoors. Invest in a large tray to carry food, condiments, beverages and more from your home to the deck or patio. Trying to juggle all this stuff is tough and can lead to mishaps. The alternative is making umpteen trips to your house and missing half your own party.

3. Get Wicker Furniture

Heavy furniture might look beautiful but it is a major hassle to move around. Cheap patio furniture is light but does not weather well and might not accommodate your heavier guests. Wicker seating is durable, attractive and lightweight. You can move it with ease when you have to make space for a DJ, playing games or adding extra chairs for unexpected guests.

4. Water Fixtures

Whether you have a small apartment balcony or vast acreage, water fixtures add something special to your outdoor areas. Small fountains that look like buckets pouring into each other are sure to be conversation pieces. Consider an inflatable hot tub and swimming pool for small yards. They are cheaper than permanent fixture and provide an equal amount of enjoyment without all the hassles of lengthy installations and maintenance.

5. A Firepit

A portable firepit takes practically no time to put up and offers endless hours of pleasure. Light a fire on a chilly night and gather around it to toast marshmallow and tell stories.

These five updates can transform a regular outdoor area into a perfect place for unwinding. You might even feel like you are taking a vacation right at your own home.