2uqq7gwGAugust marks the last full month of summer before school start. By the end of the month, the evenings start to get chillier and a fire pit is wonderful way to warm up outdoor evenings. Before anyone gets the fire started, consider five important backyard fire pit safety tips.

1. Choose a Safe Location

The first priority is to choose a safe location for the fire pit. It should not be put on the grass or a wood deck as both are flammable. The fire pit should also be a few feet away from tree limbs and shrubbery.

2. Get the Right Wood

Try to use wood that has been aged for at least six months to ensure a good burning fire. The wood should also be no more than three-quarters the length of the fire pit itself. Keep in mind certain woods tend to pop, such as pine, which can make dangerous sparks fly.

3. Dress Properly

Hanging clothes or flammable outfits are unwise to wear near an outdoor fire. Try not to wear materials such as nylon that can catch fire quickly and avoid loose clothing.

4. Let There Be Light

While there might be a sunset when the fire gets started, nobody wants to be in the dark when it goes out. Add outdoor lighting to the area near the fire pit for added safety.

5. Be Ready

Keep sand, a water bucket or a fire extinguisher handy to put out excessive flames, based on whether the fire pit uses wood or gas. Know the proper way to dispose of ashes.

When everyone takes a few smart safety precautions, a fire pit is a fun way to light up the the evening as the summer melts into fall.