When you buy a house that has a basement that is juts empty space with nothing going on down there, you will have the need to make use of that. The following are guidelines that will help you get the best out of the basement space that is going to waste by getting the best Kent basement conversion.

Consider The Moisture and Mold Problem

If you can get the problems of moisture and mold under control, then you will be good to go because when you have a house that is dry and with no growth, it is habitable. You will now start the rest of the process that will convert that space into a lovely room you can hang out in.

1. Budget For Everything

Before you start, you will need to know that you have money that will see the project through. It will guide you through the renovations and the planning that goes into this kind of work. at this point you may want a survey and an inspection to be done in case there are power or water lines beneath your house.

2. Clean out The Basement and Do The Utility Installation

The basement will most likely have some odd stuff down there from old building materials to the dirt. Sweep out all these and then do the necessary wiring and install any plumbing that is deemed necessary. That way, you have it all.

3. Insulate The Ceiling and Walls

These will need to be properly insulated to cancel out noise and make the air and the conditions down there better. You may want to put in an entertainment room and if it is noisy to the neighbors, that won’t be good.

4. Plywood Walls and Floors

You can get the walls carpeted and the floors the same or you can use thin plywood walls that will allow you to have a space between the wall and the plywood to make the place all better. Put in carpets and paint where necessary.