Social media has revolutionized our lives in ways that we cannot begin to have imagined just 10 years ago.  Now you can instantly gain information about your closest friends and favorite celebrities through applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  This innovation is not leaving the  financial industry out.  In this article I am going to go over my favorite finance related social media applications/websites.

My first favorite new website is called  It isn’t a social media website, but it is too beautiful not to mention.  I just stumbled upon this website last week.  It is very pleasing to the eye.  Like all stock market websites, it requires you to enter in a ticker.  Once you do that a whole screen of information appears about the company you searched for.  It has little squares which show different information about the stock.  In the second row of squares there are squares that change colors based on how well the company does in that category.  Green means it does well, yellow means it does OK, and red means it does poorly in that category.  One example is the Management square which looks at the ROA and ROE of a company to determine which color the square will be.  When you click on the square information about those stats is shown.  I am in love with this website.  You should check it out!

My second new favorite website is called Two  This website has all of the SEC documents that a company releases on it.  They are easily searchable on the home page.  What is great about this website is that it allows users to comment on specific parts of the documents.  If you want to have more color on a specific new filling that your favorite company made then you should check out this website to see if there are any good points made.  It is like having a book club for SEC documents.  It definitely will help you analyze a firm’s reports which can be boring to read.  This certainly makes it more exciting.

The last social media app that I will mention is the king of them all: StockTwits.  This is basically the Twitter of the stock market.  When you want to write about a stock you put the dollar sign in front of the symbol.  This allows anyone to search twits about the stock they are interested in.  There are also cool data points on the side of each stock’s page.  They include the volume of messages in which the stock is referred to and a sentiment indicator.  If you are bullish or bearish on a stock you can write in your twit.  This is how that graph is calculated.  There is also a heat map on the site which shows which stocks are trending in a neat computer graphic.

These are my favorite new sites.  Obviously Seeking Alpha will always be my number one favorite, but there is room for more!  Please like my Facebook page!