Firearm lovers are a special category of individuals that will not only transform into collectors but will cherish and respect their guns by providing a safe environment. Even if safe storage is available somewhere in their home, gun lovers will often look for a long gun fire safe in order to protect their guns from burglary, fire or any type of accidents, but also to keep family member safe (children tend to be curious and sometimes their curiosity can lead to deadly accidents).

Choosing the best long gun fire safe can often be challenging, as there are different criteria to consider before making a purchase. Sturdiness, fire resistance, lock safety and technology and interiors are the main aspects that need to be remembered, even if for some, pricing comes first.

When choosing between the Field & Stream 24 Gun and The Cannon TS5926 Challenger, the price range is not definitory, as the first costs around $600 – $650 and the second reaches $549, but the shipping costs are higher. The overall price range is the same, so if money is one of the buyer’s criteria, it should be left out.

Even if both models state they hold 24 guns, their description does not share the entire truth. Both models have space for only maximum 6 rifles with optics/scopes, leaving the remaining storage only to small guns. Still, the Cannon Challenger has the upper hand, because of its door storage that allows ammo small gun storage in a very organized manner.

Field & Stream 24 Gun Fire Safe

As the name states it, both models are fire proof. The Cannon TS5926-AR Challenger will last for 30 minutes when exposed to 1,200oF, while the Field & Stream 24 Gun Fire Safe #21661616 will top that, with an increase in temperature by 200oF. Still, even if the Canon seems to lose this battle, its triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal makes it as good, as the seal has the capacity to expand its volume when exposed to head, making it more suitable not only for firearm protection but also for personal valuables, like hard-drives, photo negatives, and small electronics. Specifications on the Field & Stream clearly state the safe is not suited for protecting this type of belongings:

Installment, Sturdiness, Lock Protection

Even if specifications on both models praise their qualities, reviews from different customers give an extra vote to the Cannon TS5926-AR Challenger. What has considered an advantage is the predrilled bottom that allows bolting to floors and also the uni-body construction which gives the safe extra sturdiness. Interior finishes also seem better on the Canon, as Field& Stream customer has complained about the wear on the interior carpeting.

Considering specification, price and customer reviews, the winner in the long gun fire safe challenge seems to be the Cannon TS5926-AR Challenger. Still, preferences differ from one gun lover to another, and the best way to see what matches personal needs is for the gun passionate to check one of these in their local gun shop or online, at various gun websites.