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Valentine’s Day in the 21st Century- Celebration?Obligation?or Elusion??


Every year come February , consumers are subjected to a barrage of Valentine’s Day related paraphernalia, courtesy of corporate America and their clever marketing schemes. Each one of them trying to outdo the other in a haste to seduce the unsuspecting , besotted consumer?into the fabricated world of materialistic romance. Love suddenly becomes the most…

How to Change the World

Change the world

“Change the World.” “Promote World Peace.” “Change the Trajectory of Civilisation.” “Create a Happier World.” Statements by Ban Ki-moon, Barrack Obama, Christine Lagarde or the head of a multinational charity? Surprisingly not –  they are the ambitions of leading business and management thinkers. And not purely from big-hearted, altruistic idealism, but from a sense of pragmatic reality…