No, you should never be afraid of change. So easy to say, or to type, that is. Now what? Oh yes, now comes the action part. As much as it were easy to put that first sentence together, putting yourself together to actually do that would take a much longer time. I’d say that it would be much harder, too.

Change, yes, is the only thing that’s constant in life. And yes, that’s fact. But then again, sometimes you’re already in a good place. You’re in that place, and true enough, things will change sooner or later. You accept that. Now what’s the issue? Well, you can actually stir the direction of that change. It’s either you remain in that good place forever until it’s time it has to definitely end, or you stay in that good place for now, and strive to be in a greater place. That greater place will now be where you’ll stay until, again, it has to definitely end. Now, when you come to think about it, that greater place would sound better. Just go for it, right? Right. Just don’t come running back expecting to have that old good place waiting for you because once you take a step out of it, there. is. no. turning. back.

There, there. Now that’s the dilemma. Let’s put a generic description of the good place here. The people are nice to you, no one tries to bring you down, you inspire a few or a little more people, work is just the right amount, and only sometimes too much –there. With the picture of a greater place coming into mind, what changes, then? Let me illustrate the thought for you. Those people who are nice to you might not be as nice. From no one trying to bring you down, an entire clan might conspire to pull you down from even getting close to that greater height. That ample amount of work will double or triple in no time because you’re taking on a heavier load now that you want something greater in turn. And those few people you’ve inspired? They might be the first followers in your movement once they realize that you’re trying to go to a greater place. They would be so proud of you, and they’d help you because of how much you’ve already contributed in their lives. They’ll probably even be more inspired. And you’ll probably inspire a lot more people.

Not so one sided now, is it? I could say it’s scary because everyone and everything’s going to change, and that’s something you may never get back. Though that’s the same with the opportunities that come with being in that greater place, it wouldn’t present itself anytime you wanted it to. The better answer should actually bring me back to the very first sentence I made while writing this. But it would be completely up to you to interpret it.