Not long ago, until Zac Posen came out with his iconic optic fiber dress with Claire Danes as his muse, anyone outside the fashion world knew what technology and fashion could do together. It was at the 2016 Met Gala, the pinnacle of fashion, which paid homage to the evolving fashion in the age of technology. In Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, as the event was called, we got to see some exciting fabrics, fashion trends and weird silhouettes. Come on, who could forget Beyoncé’s latex gown?

Fashion has always been about innovation and employing new technologies. Denim jeans may seem too common now, but remember it was not invented until someone needed a durable alternative to cotton pants, back in 1873, and didn’t gain popularity until the 1990s, when the hip hop generation started using them as a generic representation of fashion of the “new age”. Fashion bloggers help you to keep up with this ever evolving nature of fashion. In this tech savvy world, fashion and technology were bound to come together. And fashion bloggers are always there to inform you on that.

A lot of technologies are making way into the fashion industry. San Francisco is one of the biggest technological hubs in the world. Developments in new fashion technology in San Francisco are intriguing fashion designers and bloggers alike. Fashionable wearable technologies are becoming a reality now. Some of the technologies that are making way into the fashion industry are:

3D-Printed clothing

3D-printed clothing has been in use for Sci-Fi films for some time now. Nike went a little further by making 3D-printed shoes to enhance performance of the athletes. How successfully 3D-printed technology is making its way in fashion, it won’t be too long before they make their debut in New York Fashion Week or the London Fashion Week.

Color Changing Fabrics

Being associated with the fashion world, as much as we can relate with the phrase “this season’s hottest color”, all are going to change now. Pioneers are developing photochromatic technologies that will completely change how we perceive fashion in the future. Currently under development by scientists at the University of Michigan, these fabrics will contain tiny crystals that react differently to different wavelengths of light.

Self Healing Fabrics

These are the kind of stuffs Superhero costumes are made of. True. Nah! Just kiddin’. These fabrics are developed by researchers in Deakin University, Australia, that will allow the fabrics to heal on itself if and when the fabric gets ripped or torn apart. Moreover, these fabrics are going to be superamphiphobic, i.e. super waterproof. This is not it; scientists at MIT are also using the healing qualities of E. coli bacteria to create fabrics that will be able to heal itself like humans.

These are just a few among many. Technology is going to change the fashion industry in unimaginable ways. These fashionable wearable technologies will reduce a huge production cost, promote recycling of clothes and will boost environment protection. All in all, how can this be anything but good?


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