Ho, ho, ho!

Said the jolly fat man in the red suit.

Thanks Santa, but for most us, Christmas ain’t that jolly.

I’m writing from Australia and a new study has revealed 70% of us feel our stress levels impact our health. Perhaps more worrying – 64% of us say it effects our mental health.

And it’s our women that are the most stressed. Interestingly, the women surveyed by the 2014 Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) survey of stress and wellbeing found more than half reported family issues were a major source of stress.

And they weren’t even talking about the holidays!

I know at times I’d preferred to have stuck my head rather than the turkey in the oven just to get through Christmas Day.

And I know I’m not alone just because I’m Australian and I’m a woman. Stress is reported to be one of the most significant health concerns for people in the US and UK too – to name only two.

However, Christmas and the holidays don’t have to be stressful. You can experience a calm, happy holiday season – no matter where in the world you are. There are powerful techniques that can help you today. And they’re called Matrix Reimprinting and EFT (or Tapping).

If you imagine right now sitting down to Christmas pudding with all your “loved” ones and you feel a knot in your stomach – odds are you’re stressed. And you’ve probably felt this exact stress many, many times before.

Christmas and family can be the most powerful triggers of stress on our systems and stress can be extremely debilitating on our mental and physical health.

The good news is – you don’t have to go through it anymore!

You may have heard of EFT or Tapping. This gentle technique has been scientifically proven to release the stress (or fight, flight or freeze) response from our bodies. When we tap, we send a soothing message to the amygdala and the hippocampus and the stress is released from our systems.

A new evolution of EFT called Matrix Reimprinting takes this wonderfully effective Tapping stress-relief technique into a whole new dimension.

With Matrix Reimprinting, we not only release the stress we feel right now – we can release the stress we felt as a child the first time we ever got upset, traumatised or stressed.

When we’re just young little tackers, running around under the age of six, if something happens to cause us fright or trauma, we simply can’t deal with it. Our little systems go into a freeze response and not only store that trauma, but create a belief around it.

If, say, when you were four, and, say, you made your daddy a beautiful Christmas card by drawing on the wall in permanent marker, perhaps he screamed at you. Your system would have frozen (stress response) and your as yet undeveloped mind could not have rationalised what happened. So you may have formed a belief like, “Christmas is scary,” or, “Stay away from daddy on Christmas”, or, “The world is not safe”, or, “I’m not worthy of love”.

What happened to you growing up and what all of those experiences made you believe are, of course, specific to you. But you don’t have to have drawn on the wall or had a father who yelled to apply the example.

We have all experienced this kind of trauma as children in our families – even if we had relatively happy childhoods! We got scared, hurt, yelled, hit and we simply didn’t understand. And then we filed it away and those events have been running our subconscious beliefs ever since.

So, we created limiting beliefs and we trapped the trauma in our systems. This means, even if you now have a great relationship with your father – that doesn’t mean you won’t get triggered.

Seeing your father (or any other family member) can trigger the early trauma – and this is the real Christmas cracker on the table – your body and subconscious mind don’t know the difference between then and now! Your system will be flooded by the same stress response it experienced way back then.

Unless we release these stuck traumas, we can never exist as truly stress-free. Especially not around our families! And very regularly – not at Christmas or during the holidays.

With Matrix Reimprinting using EFT we can release our long-held stress and we can transform the beliefs we formed as a result of the trauma.

The science behind Matrix Reimprinting is quite dense so for more information you can check out my website www.taptofreedom.

Simply put, Matrix Reimprinting is based on the quantum theory that we are all made up of and connected by a matrix of energy. Within that matrix are stored memories and traumas. Applying the modern psychological understanding of how we ‘imprint’ beliefs and behaviours in our early years, in Matrix Reimprinting we ‘reimprint’ these beliefs to positive, supportive ones – all while tapping to release the stress we’ve held in our systems.

Matrix Reimprinting is an especially wonderful tool to use at Christmas and during the holidays when most of us spend time with our families and, as a result, get triggered.

Don’t you deserve a gift this Christmas? 

I can help you work on whatever stresses you out. I specialise in helping clients all over the world with Matrix Reimprinting using EFT over Skype to clear them of their stress and whatever is holding them back from living the lives that they want. Feel free to email me to discuss your specific needs at info@taptofreedom.com

Merry Christmas!