I think most of them are familiar with this error known as “err_spdy_protocol_error”. There are many reasons for this error to occur, mostly this error shows in web browser while surfing on Internet. So if you can see this error on your web screen you need not worry and you can fix this error in the following protocol ways. This error occurs because of many reasons such as Old cache and cookies, and also the DSN Server will block specific sites.

Ways to fix

If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can fix this error in the many useful methods, to solve the error you can also find this on Google Forum.

net protocol error fixed

Step 1

The first step is to clear All Cookies and Cache from the browser, IF you want to fix this error it is compulsory for the user to Clear the old cache and cookies in order to avoid the error, the fastest way to clear and delete all cached files and cookies from your web browser is to type “Chrome://settings/clearbrowserdata “ on your website menu. After typing this you must select the option for clear browsing data.

Step 2

If the problem stills continues try this method which is called as Renew IP Address and Flushing DNS Cache, this method is also quite simple, you need to Command Prompt by pressing Windows + R, and type cmd.exe and press enter,

The next step after opening Cmd.exe is to perform command, the user must prompt two commands for Renewing ip address and flush DNS Cache.

• Type IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS in command prompt and press enter

• Type IPCONFIG/RENEW in command prompt and then presenter


After performing the above two steps the final step is to Reset Google Chrome Browser. If the first two steps fails to fix the error the final one is simple just copy “ Chrome://settings/resetprofilessettings” and paste it to address bar and then press enter, then the next step is to click reset button.

This function will not delete anything from your system it just restore all the settings and to the default, including the homepage, new tab option and default search engine. Basically the Google chrome browser will look like new one, just like when you install on your system for the first time.

So you can perform any of the following steps you can fix the error

Other Reasons for the ERROR

There are others reasons for which the error can occur , if you Antivirus installed on your system they can block particular websites and you can face the error, in order to diagnose the reson for this problem, it is recommended to disable your Antivirus or Internet security program temporarily.

So there are three methods to fix the Google chrome Error as of now, which will help you to fix the error permanently , stay tuned for further updates if I find a new ways to fix the error will definitely update you the procedure