FACEBOOK definitely is the emblem of across the border interaction between individuals, the social media that tapped not only the Millenials, Generation Y, and even the Senior Citizens. If before, senior citizens used to excuse themselves to learn how computer application works. Today, Facebook App is embedded in Apple and Android smartphones, tap the screen censor, saved the password in eternity (you never want Alzheimer to hamper the scrolling experience), then proceed to posting of statuses, half face selfies (to look pretty), whole body side view selfies (to look thin), unlimited post likes, and of course stalking of crushes and enemies. Thanks to Facebook developer to not track the page viewers right?

If parents are clamoring and almost to create as I coined Parents Association Against Clash of Clans (PAA-CoC) to halt their kids, teenage sons and or daughters to quit the game, because it is said to be addictive like caffeine, drinking coffee say 10 cups in a day (as if drinking a 1ltr of water). Then, what is the difference between that addiction to Facebook and playing CoC, there is none, especially when the former can be access through mobile servers for FREE. What’s the problem with that? Simple. Free access to Facebook will mean UNLIMITED STATUS POSTINGS, it is no longer the social media as it supposed to be, instead became a PERSONAL DIARY. Too much freedom on status postings will most likely lose the Facebook owner’s rationale to evaluate things, consequences, and situations around his/her. Facebook has long been the medium to earn sympathy, lest forgotten to note that people doesn’t care less.

There was one time came across a post like this, “WHAT AM I NOW A PROSTITUTE?” As tried to read the whole context of her status and understood that her concern was her mother restricting her to get involve with sport activities which are mostly dominated by male. Is there something wrong with how her mother cares? There was none, instead she belted out in such a 360 degree way of pleading for plea of sympathy. Where is the being “prostitute” vs “sports dominated by male.” Here it turned out to be pathetic rather than aiming for sympathy.

Secondly, emotions are absolutely distorted, the best example I could think of, a post of the mother’s coffin, the photo caption was, “I WILL MISS YOU MOM.” Right. Nothing is wrong with that, however, by posting such a picture, did you even respect your mother’s solitude until her last breathe. Do you really miss her as the in the caption says so. Isn’t that memories are meant to be reflected and kept in the heart and mind.

Despite all these, it is not Mark Zuckerburg’s fault that people fell in love with Facebook. That kind of intimate relationship that when one wakes up in the morning: “Where’s my phone, I need to go Facebook, in school, during class hours, and before going to bed.” Now as it is trying to expand business from compiling and selling user’s behaviours to marketing firms, they are tapping E-Commerce sect called, “Shopify.” Perspective wise, Ebay declared that the company will lay-off 10% of its employees as they are disintegrating from PayPal. FOREX on E-business/E-Commerce, Amazon has the largest share in the market and now that Ebay and PayPal are to disintegrate, maybe, Facebook may want to compete this line, aside from the fact that their income portfolio derived from digital advertising.

Yes. Mark Zuckerburg can speak in Mandarin, not because he wedded a Chinese girl, but he strive himself to study the language. Became the #1 fan of Xi Jinping, have been in the longest courting relationship with the Chinese government, and when Lu Wei visited his office, he even displayed said book in his table, distributed a copy to his folks. Again, we can’t blame FB’s CEO for being such a good sport and businessman, because 2015 might be his luckiest day to hear the most wanted “YES” he wanted for so long. On the other hand, Alibaba and Baidu have the highest market share when it comes on digital advertising in China, by this, would China really open its gate to let FB enter and gain atleast half of Alibaba and Baidu’s market share in the said business? I doubt.