Experience has shown that talking with these people is very difficult, as those who are not communication specialists (and perhaps precisely because of this) tend to criticize each sentence of the text, request changes, add all sorts of insignificant details, want to include advertising formulas, all of which lead to a heavy and unpublishable text. http://bacplus.info/says it’s because the one who writes the communiqué must be a good negotiator, able to succeed, through patiently and with much tact, obtain the signature and the broadcast notice. Any office representative of the press must be aware of the fact that it is often harder to convince your own organization to disseminate information rather than convince the press to publish it. That’s why in such situations, it is better for him to make certain concessions and to broadcast a communiqué to certain imperfections (at the level of information or style) than to create an atmosphere of tension in the organization or, worse, to make an enemy.

Collaboration with other members of the organization has the role of protecting office representatives and the press and contributing to creating an atmosphere of trust between those who have the information and the communication specialists.