With Fourth of July just a few days away, many Angelenos have their sights set on the quintessential weekend getaway spots. You know Las Vegas, San Diego, or maybe Santa Barbara. For the ultra-patriotic, perhaps the nation’s capital for an epic fireworks show. But what about for those who are expecting? For couples with a baby in their imminent future, travel plans are not typically on the agenda so much as ensuring the baby registry is on point (among a plethora of other to-dos). At least, that was the status quo before the popularization of a babymoon.

A babymoon is the recent trend of voyaging (often to foreign destinations) before the birth of a couple’s first child. Babymoons are trendy to Millennials, in part because Millennial men and women both are incredibly career-focused; after a baby enters the picture vacations are surely out the door and especially ones that veer lavish.

Though typically the baby moon is taken in the earlier stages of pregnancy, in Bailey Kobe’s feature film The Babymoon, very pregnant Hanna (played by Julie McNiven) embarks on a travelscape with her semi-clueless husband Trace (played by Shaun Sipos). Throughout the movie, the couple experience not only twists in turns in their relationship, but on their vacation. The Babymoon, featuring shots of beautiful palm trees, crystal blue water, and exotic birds and animals, sets a striking backdrop for a prenatal getaway. The downside: Hanna and Trace become embroiled in the country’s political revolution, but hey—not all can be perfect in paradise, right?

Political mayhem aside, The Babymoon shows that babymoons are “a thing” for a reason. The preparation for a new person in a couple’s life is not short of overwhelming, exciting, and, well, stressful. Why not alleviate some of that stress with R&R? A babymoon can also help couples build upon their connection in unexpected ways. That connection may just set the precedent in how the couple handles the remainder of the pregnancy—and their future as brand new parental units. 

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