Getting a residence card in any country is a long process. You need the help and guidance of those who have thorough knowledge about the proceedings that go into the documentation process. EEA permanent residence application is used for those who wish to reside in the United Kingdom. After the EU referendum that happened last year in June, Europeans feel that their residence in the country is rather uncertain. In order to deal with this situation, EEA residents along with their entire family are advised to get some documentation processes done in order to prove their right of residence. For those individuals who have been residing in UK for less than 5 consecutive years, they have to obtain a residence certificate. For others who have stayed for longer, the EEA permanent residence card is the way to go. The EEA family permit in UK is highly important for you to ensure that the entire family is safe and can prove their right to residence.

How to Confirm your Right to Residence?

As per regulations, when an individual lives in UK for more than 5 consecutive years, he or she automatically acquires a permanent residence by law without any need for documentation or a filing process. The problem lies here as they do not file or apply for any documentation. In the current scenario post referendum, the residence of all these individuals can be in a threat. This has lead to all individuals applying for the EEA permanent residence. This residence card does not give you any new rights. But it steadfastly holds you as a resident of the UK.

Why Should you Apply for EEA Residence?

The primary reason why you must consider applying for this residence card is Brexit. It falters the concrete assurance to EEA residents that their rights to residence. Before Brexit, none of the residents bothered to apply for this card as their rights automatically stated that they are a resident of the country. But post Brexit, things have changed and you have to be safe and secure of your right to residence. EEA permanent residence card is the way to do it.

How do I Apply for EEA permanent Residence?

To qualify as a resident of the UK, there are three requirements that are required to apply for the EEA permanent residence card:

  • The applicant must be an EEA national.
  • The EEA national has been exercising their treaty rights. This means that the applicant must either be employed, studying, self-sufficient or self-employed.
  • The EEA national has lived in the UK for five consecutive years continuous without taking a break. If you and your family are away from the country for any duration over six months, it will be considered as a break and you will not be eligible for the EEA family permit in UK.

Obtaining this residence card is a great step forward towards securing your stay in the UK not just in the present but also in the coming future.