You may have noticed a lot of posts on Facebook expressing a real aggravation about receiving invitations to play Facebook games.  These are autogenerated by the Facebook game app, and unsuspecting players may not even realize they are being sent out. However, people seem to get very annoyed by receiving these in their Facebook feed.  I have tried to understand why they are offended.

First of all, it is not that much trouble to just skip over a game request or delete it.  People act like they are being asked to carry it to the curb in a wheelbarrow. Are people truly that busy?

People may truly think that Facebook friends are sending out personal invitations to these games to them.  I know better, but I choose to believe that someone sent the invitation in question, and I am quite happy about it! It makes me feel that someone actually singled me out to play in their Facebook game, and  I feel very popular. That is, I feel very popular until someone posts something about the automatic nature of the invitation.

I just do not get it. Why would this silly little invitation to play some silly little game deserve the attention that it gets? There are even threats to “unfriend” people if they send one more game invitation.  Do you suppose that these people who are so adamant that game invitations are ruining their day actually just have nothing else to post on their Facebook page?

I can’t stand Facebook games; I tried Farmville one time a few years ago after receiving such an invitation. I absolutely hated it; I hated sitting there rubbing the mouse over a green square to “work” my garden.  I uninstalled immediately. However, I just don’t understand how seeing a few game requests in my Facebook newsfeed is going to affect me that much to warrant posting a hateful message. Maybe someone can explain it to me.