With the current evolving trends of the media industries, corporate entities are finding it harder to cope with what is required to market their brand. To date, other than traditional media such as radio, newspapers and television, many companies find themselves struggling with the various internet social media platforms, which are now widely available and accessible.

In this era, this is especially crucial as the millennials depend on these platforms to get their information quickly and efficiently. As such, companies are pressed to do something which may not be cost-effective to every organization – creating an additional team just to manage media marketing.

However, would there be enough media material for the team to send out? David Matahai, the director of marketing communications of Hyundai, said that there are pressures for him to provide nonstop media content from Hyundai to the consumers. However, if his team succumbs to the pressure, there will be a mismatch of demand to supply as he finds it difficult to take constant interest in the company 24/7, much less the consumers at large.

That’s where the struggle is at – there is not much of a demand for them to operate at such a scale, yet they need to make their presence known at the different social media platforms which seems to be really a difficult task given their current scale.

As such, he is calling for the demand of an external service provider where they can provide support on giving media exposure on behalf of the corporate entities. It can be in the case where companies appoint them as the official representative in the specific platform.

This however is not an easy task itself since the media managing companies will need to take time to build their own market branding for major companies to depend on. This does not rely solely on the corporate image alone, but there is lack of results for companies like Hyundai to look at simply because these media platforms are too new to begin with.

Upworthy and Newsfeed are the leaders to date, but time will tell if they are able to deliver, or perhaps more media providers will come and compete with them.