An event could be described as an occurrence to the public with the intention of celebrating, to market, educate or even reunite. There are various types of events and these depend on their size, the kind of people being targeted, the situation, etc. some categories of events are social events, sports events, political events, education or career events, entertainment events, religious events, fund raisers and so on. With the definition of events clarified it is quite obvious as to what event management is all about. Event management is a mix of business management along with marketing, operational, organizing and time management skills. It is the act of putting together and developing either small or large scale events that belong to either of the categories mentioned above such as conferences, birthday parties, weddings, formal events, concerts etc.

London is the hub of the United Kingdom and as it is the main city, it is quite the festive place. Whether for educational purposes, entertainment or anything else it is quite common to see individuals hosting and attending events constantly in the London area. In a city like this, a profession such as event manager means good recognition and a successful career therefore many people tend to get drawn towards the event management industry. Some would say the event management industry is open to all and specific qualifications are not quite necessary but the myth is not true. An industry of this sort expects people with dedication, commitment, precise planning and operational skills, and most importantly the required educational level.

Souters Training, established in 1988 is an organization that focuses on event management training in London as well as event assistant training courses. All courses regarding event management are completely CPD recognized and the organization offers training based inside class rooms as well as in the corporate field. For anyone who is trying to grow as an individual in the event management industry can seek, training courses to suit one’s requirements.

Apart from molding one to become a successful professional in the event market, the Souters Training organization is also an academy that is certified by Microsoft which gives the organization the required permission to train professionals in the event management industry with products of Microsoft and along with this the academy also has training programs with the help of Microsoft power point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word and Microsoft outlook to suit the necessities and requirements expected by the people working in the events industry.

Once the training is complete, the CPD credited certificate would be issued to the trained candidates. The completion of this course is an added benefit to the CV of the candidates trying to get into the events industry or trying to go to a higher position in this field. For individuals who do not want to grow professionally in this industry but, do it for the passion of wanting to plan events this training course is well recommended to anyone trying to learn Event Management in London.