If you are in the social media business, you’re probably already pretty savvy with online publishing hubs and platforms. Chances are you even have your own website and running it has been a breeze. With the help of image-driven bookmarking websites such as Pinterest, Imgur and WeHeartIt, getting traffic up your website is easy as pie. Even Tumblr can be your best friend when it comes to photo sharing and the miracles Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus can do for helping you popularise your content are just a few clicks away. For a social media whiz, starting up a successful personal project should be like fishing in a bowl.

Am I any Different?

Admirations to all of you who have already achieved their agenda in the social media world!

Still, there will be people who may ask themselves “What’s so different about me ” and “What keeps me away from reaching my goals?”. We’ve all seen those happy-go-lucky internet entrepreneurs who make running an online business seem easy as child’s play and make us wonder, what’s wrong with our startup. I am writing to all of you who consider themselves a failure in terms of setting up a personal project and I am here to tell you, you were wrong. After having spent years in the social network industry, I got to realise starting up a successful pitch isn’t all about making the first step, it’s about postponing.

Make postponing your best friend.

Friends? You would hardly call this a friendship. All those tests and tasks you postponed during your adolescence were far from an achievement. More like a thief, who silently smuggles into your consciousness and steals your emotional balance and sensation of time. Postponing is that annoying kid who no one invited to the party, but it goes anyways and makes everybody feel miserable.

Yet, there is something about postponing that makes it a better ally than a foe. Turns out, its highest drawback is its biggest strength. While deferring a task with a deadline could leave with an unfinished project, adjuring a bigger step into the business world could earn you a fortune.

Why am I telling you this?

Isn’t ruining opportunities all that postponing does? Even the smaller chores, like house cleaning, could turn into a difficult achievement when you’re pushed by deadlines and are out of options for handling the case.

But not always! If you are familiar enough with how to cope with the situation, deferring the final step can win you time for better preparation. Still, delaying a personal startup may win you time for a better market research and save an otherwise good idea which has been quickly wrapped up in a small, unattractive package.

Take advantage of the adjourning.

If you are not pushed by a deadline and your are still in the process of preparation, don’t let yourself be rushed off your feet. Take your time to carefully appraise your plans. Rushing into a badly organised startup could cost you both nerves and money. Try to benefit from a short delay and clear your mind for a while to be able to take better decisions when the time comes.

Author: Ariella Polterd

Bio: Ariella is an ambitious project management guru, self-taught graphic designer and a free spirited nature conservation supporter. She currently works with domestic cleaning agencies in Sydney and works side by side with industry leaders.

Current projects:  Paul’s Cleaning Sydney | One-off and regular house cleaning provider