Sometimes we are all too harsh on ourselves when it comes to what we wear but the feeling we experience when we get it right is pretty awesome. Whether it’s that bargain t-shirt or a pair of leggings that just fit just right, feeling confident and sexy really is what ensemble empowerment is all about. So what can ensemble empowerment do for you?

Even bad looks good

Many of us shop for things that feel safe to us but that feeling of safety does not always mean that we look great in what we wear. The trick is to let yourself wear something that is based around your supposed flaws. An outfit that ticks all of the right boxes is likely to make you feel a little odd as you are out of your comfort zone.

Achieve anything

Everyone has an item of clothing that makes them feel so good that they believe that they can do anything. Stick on a pair of jeans that you love and the other side to your personality can appear from nowhere. Confidence brings with it the ability to learn more about who you are and it can often teach you that you are capable of more things than you realised.

Extra belief

It may sound strange to say it but when you feel confident in your clothes, you have that something extra about you. You feel like you can walk up to a stranger and start talking to them or totally nail that interview, what you are wearing is a reminder to you that you are in control. Getting your outfit and accessories like matching handbags or clutch bags right is a little like power dressing because it can make you feel stronger and more courageous.


Wearing an outfit that makes you feel bad about yourself may not seem like a big problem because we often try and see a way around it. You might believe that you can make the outfit work and you may keep telling yourself that it actually looks okay. However, a negative feeling towards the clothes you are wearing can completely change your mood and outlook on the day. An outfit that feels good will fill you with optimism and a belief that everything is going to go well.

Feel more adventurous

The great thing about wearing an outfit you love is that you want to show it off. So any excuse to head to the shop and you are all over it. Ensemble empowerment can take you on an adventure and allow you to see and do things that you may not have done before. In fact, it could help you to completely change your life.

Give yourself a treat

What you wear can often show you exactly what you deserve. Sometimes, too much time is spent on others and we lose sight of what is important. Let clothes remind you that you are special and that you have a personality that you want to show off. So treat yourself when you feel like you want to because not doing it will only make you feel like your life is missing something.

Ensemble empowerment is not for one particular type of person, it is for everyone regardless of their age, sex, and religion or body type. Your happiness and confidence does not have an ending, it can go on and on and this is why clothes can help to make those feelings last for longer. So feel confident in what you wear, take inspiration from others and don’t always try to see the bad in people. Fashion really can make the world a better place.