English Elocution is back in fashion!

English Elocution is the Latest Fashion Accessory!

What do Baroness Joan Bakewell, the Duchess of Cornwall and a Jobseeker all have in common?

Answer: The promotion of English pronunciation, more commonly known as ‘English Elocution’.

With today’s strong competition for jobs, places at schools, colleges and universities, decision-makers may be becoming increasingly influenced by how people perform, present and communicate with confidence.

  • For jobseekers, the ability to be able to sell oneself, not only at interview, but with one’s Job Centre adviser has become a necessity.
  • Indeed, if a jobseeker is unable to communicate in English adequately in front of his or her adviser, then there is a risk that the claimant’s entitlement will be stopped.
  • The stance of the Job Centre is simple – no English, no employment, and no entitlement. Therefore, it is imperative that today’s jobseeker has good English pronunciation and can communicate with confidence.
  • There is an abundance of free learning English materials available together with a wide range of learn English online options. As Business English training providers, we deliver specialised English pronunciation for overseas speakers, such as our English Pronunciation for Chinese Speakers, straight to the desk in 30 minute units, which makes learning English cost-effective and rapid as it targets each speaker’s weakness directly.
  • It has never been more important than now, to learn English. If you feel that you could do with some tightening-up or fine tuning on how you communicate, but do not have the time, then look at some of our learn English online courses.

Remember . . .

In a fragile job market, good English pronunciation may be your strongest attribute!

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