As social media expands, I find that brands, designers, and companies, reveal more in-the-now information than background information. The understanding of a creative vision at this point becomes blurred. My curiosity and excitement for a collection does not start and stop by the click of the mouse. A great image from a runway, advertisement, or website satisfies the imagination briefly but for those of us true fashion enthusiasts who want to understand the brand and design teams’ thought process, where can we turn to?

In my quest to research and deliver accurate and intriguing information on the background of brands I’ve turned to the official brand websites. An overwhelming amount of companies offer little to no information, providing lists of past designers and owners but rarely brand philosophies and goals. Therein lies our disconnect. For the love of footwear and the love of fashion, the owners of these luxury material goods deserve to have easy access to this information.

Personal style plays an important role in identity for every class in every culture. This individuality teaches the world more about a society (and at a faster rate) then static artwork. Yes, fashion tends to just be seen as a superficial element but in fact it holds a much richer conversation in humanity.

A few days ago, Elie Saab launched the online magazine “The Light of Now” which has exemplified the beacon of information I’ve been searching for. If I could only live out of one design house for the rest of my life, without hesitation it would be Elie Saab. This couture company personifies me to a T and manages to excel with each and every collection. My fascination and respect for the brand has pursued me to continually research the styles, materials, and inspiration for each season.

With the introduction to the magazine, I now have a deeper grasp and understanding of this amazing company and can receive legitimate inside information on the making and inspiration of the couture collections all the way to the start of the Elie Saab’s endeavors.

This is really a thank you note to Elie Saab and his team for knowing the importance of the relationship between a design house and the clientele and ultimately sharing history and value through the couture art form.