When we think about scary and creepy games then we mainly think about monsters and ghosts. But such games are more than monsters and spookiest creatures. When a game is developed with creativity then it will should the mentality and logic of developer. Besides this, these games include number of scary elements which make it best when properly included in game. So, take a look on such elements and learn what makes a scary game scary?


Every horror games is like a puzzle as it includes secrets and hits which are need to be solved by the players. Puzzles are like bread crums and they reconnect one secret to another. It is important that they should be in the form of message, riddle or any incident. Paintings and objects are another good way to create confusing puzzles. Besides this, the puzzle should give them hint not the exact answer as let the players do the required enquiry.


Many developers add interesting and frightening elements but they forget about the story line. Story acts a base of the game. At the beginning it should look like a mystery but also bale to explain the first phase of the game. Also, it should include some psychopath and not always about the ghosts or super natural creature. Also, when story is divided into different parts then it ultimately increases the excitement level of the game. For example if someone making a zombie inspired game then they should twist virus related story.


Characters bring life to the game and if they are not good the game is a total flop. Weather a scary online game is about monsters, zombies or about any mentally retarded psychopath, it should give some special qualities to the game main characters. Also, in most of the game enemies are more powerful that the victim but there should be a game changing twist in it. Also, characters should be designed according to the game theme and developers should not follow the old horror concept.

Game should be detailed

I have seen many games in which developers do stupid mistakes. It is happen many times that the dying person body remains clean and there is almost no blood around them. Besides this, important places and characters are not described well. Also, due to some technical mistakes things didn’t appear clear and it will confuse players.

Give players a shocking surprise

When a player is fighting with monsters and thinks that he is going to win then a new twist should be appeared in the game. In other words, when players think that the game is over then actually the real game started. This will not only scare them but they feel threatened from the monster. It should frighten the player to that extent that they feel cold in their body. Also, players will get aware that they have to face unpredictable events and with every step they feel scared and alone.

It is important that the players should feel like they are dealing with the monsters in real. There should be internal changes in their body when they play scary games.