When it comes to insect control, electric insect fogger is the best tool to control them. It helps you to fight those annoying blood sucking, disease causing transmitting insects. All these small insects belong to Culicidae family. All these insects have spread all across the world. Most of these insects suck blood either from the body of animals, humans, reptiles, birds and other living beings.

Some of the common areas where you can find insects are:

Around vegetation

Water resistant material

Material that are filled with water

Clogged rain gutters

Artificial areas filled with filled

Natural areas that are filled with water

Disease that are spread through these insects:

The most common insect borne diseases are:

Yellow fever



Dengue fever


West Nile Virus

Insect Repellents: There are different ways to get rid of these annoying insects. You can either repel them by natural methods or by using various sprays but the best among them is Electric Insect Fogger.

What is an insect fogger?

Fogger is tools that atomizes and spray fogging solution such as sanitizer, insecticide and pesticide and is used to treat mold, pest, insects etc. There are main categories into which foggers can be categorized- Thermal and ULV foggers. They can also be categorized as indoor and outdoor fogger. Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize the fogging solution and produce fog with very small particles of solution. Cold foggers use high air pressure and cold fogging technique to atomize the fogging solution.

The basic difference between ULV and Thermal foggers is that ULV foggers can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes but thermal foggers are preferred for outdoor purposes. This is due to the fact that fog produced by the ULV foggers is almost invisible and do not need high temperature to work, thus can be used for indoor purposes as well as outdoor purposes.

Thermal foggers are further of Fuel, gas and electricity powered foggers. These foggers are used to control and limit the population of pests and insects. Electric Insect fogger have powerful gasoline or electric engines that are used to limit and control the population of different insects and pests in your ware house, homes, backyards etc.

These are the tools that are used to treat small areas, and get rid of pests, molds, odors, mildew and other viruses. Electric insect fogger can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Thus it is necessary to purchase the product according to your budget, environmental factors and its results.

Thus if you are planning for pool parties or your summer picnic and insects tend to spoil your moment, there are different types of electric insect foggers that are ideal for treating large spaces. These devices disperse the particles in the form of mist or fog that reaches the places where conventional bug sprays cannot reach. So before finalizing the product just be sure that which model best suit your outdoor or indoor need.

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