The more physically endowed a person is, the greater their chances of leading a successful adult life. Apparently, human beings are hard-wired to respect, admire and even look up to taller members of the society, literally. Height has been inherently associated with superior genetics, physical prowess, and exceptional leadership skills for as long as man has been in existence. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that over 80% of all U.S Presidents – including the current one – are at least 6 feet ( 181 cm ) tall.

That being said, a child’s height is directly influenced by an array of factors – some of which are well within your control, while others border on whether or not they won the genetic lottery. And as much as you cannot easily alter your child’s genetic combination, you can cultivate a healthy lifestyle for them to make sure that they reach their full growth potential. Especially during their first 15 years, which is the most crucial phase of their growth curve. This will give them the much-needed advantage of height that they will find advantageous in the future.

Here is a quick primer to that.

1. Ensure That They are Getting Ample Sleep and Rest

How many hours does your toddler sleep per night? Did you know that your child requires about 12 to 14 hours of uninterrupted slumber per day to maximize their growth potential? Again, remember that your child’s young and rapidly developing body cannot grow if cannot accord them plenty of rest every day. Take them to bed earlier than usual to give then that precious extra hour or two of peaceful sleep.

2. Nutrition

The first step to a lifetime of proper nutrition is to see to it that your child lives solely on breast milk for the first six months of life – unless it is not medically possible. After this, wean them off on a diet centered on extremely protein-rich food such as fish and lean white/red meats. Maintain this high-protein diet for the next 10 – 15 years to increase their chances of hitting their height peak before the offset of their teenage years. And supplement this diet with additives of foods rich in iron, calcium, and Vitamin A. A combination of these macro and micro nutrients with enough protein is the perfect recipe for optimal growth.

3. Plenty of Exercises

A nutritional diet is best complemented with daily physically exerting activities. For younger kids, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could start by buying a kid’s bike as soon as they are old enough to balance it. In line with this, it is important for budding young men to graduate to lifting weights as soon as they hit their teen years.

Encourage your son or daughter to pick up an outdoor sport of choice as early as possible instead of opting for sedentary habits, e.g., playing video games or mindless TV binging. An outdoor sport will not only help to keep obesity at bay but also ensure a consistent, rapid growth rate in the first two extremely crucial decades of life.

As far as exercising goes, regular stretching activities have been proven to be some of the most beneficial tasks as far as increasing a child’s height goes. A good example is to have them attempt to touch their toes ( without bending their knees to aid the process ). This is actually a good way of elongating the spine, improving posture and triggering a growth spurt. And it can be repeated as many as ten times per day

4. Visit a Nutritional Clinic Often

Visit a nutritionist or pediatrician at least once every three months accompanied with your blossoming baby to have their weight and height checked. Substantial medical evidence shows that early detection of tell-tale signs of stunted growth can greatly increase the chances of correcting the underlying problem if caught early enough. This also significantly reduces the chances of their normal growth curve being severely affected.

The Bottom Line

Although most children experience a notable growth spurt in their puberty and adolescence years, this is usually banked on the foundation laid during their formative years. So start early and give your child that much-needed headstart in life.