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Work Life Balancing Act


“The days you work are the best days” Georgia O’Keeffe Many years ago, I gave a talk for NYU’s Faculty Resource Network called The Balancing Act: Teaching, Administrative Work, Writing and Other Things… The other name for the talk was “On Wearing Many Hats” which was phrase I was fond of. Given that I work at a…

Snowden…for life, liberty, and love!

Credit: Open Road Films This weekend marked the debut of Oliver Stone’s latest mega-film, the controversial epic, Snowden, based on the real-life story of the CIA operative turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden. The film’s overarching melody focuses on Snowden’s transition from tech geek to CIA and NSA intelligence guru to painted traitor or hero. Key takeaways…

The Rise of Second-Hand Shops


Ever since 2013, the stigma of buying at second-hand shops has been almost completely lifted. In fact, many retailers have unfortunately gone bust in May of this year, while the second-hand shops have displayed nothing but prosperity, owing to the younger generations. Question still remains, though, what has caused this sudden takeover of thrift shops?…