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Valentine’s Day in the 21st Century- Celebration?Obligation?or Elusion??


Every year come February , consumers are subjected to a barrage of Valentine’s Day related paraphernalia, courtesy of corporate America and their clever marketing schemes. Each one of them trying to outdo the other in a haste to seduce the unsuspecting , besotted consumer?into the fabricated world of materialistic romance. Love suddenly becomes the most…

When Lying About Your Age Becomes a Necessity 2️⃣0️⃣✅


We live in an ageist society . It’s been said before and I am saying it again. Maybe forever 21 came up with their slogan on a whim but today it’s the widespread norm. There was a time when the formula youth = success was limited to the Fashion and entertainment industry. The ordinary, everyday…

Office Politics Sucks (Or Not?)

office politics

Office Politics Sucks. Most Would Probably Agree With This Statement. Well…sort of. What we really mean is we hate the negative politics: the gossiping, the character assassination, the backstabbing, the subterfuge, the whispered words at the water cooler. Yet we all engage in positive political behaviour, and successful business leaders are very adept at it. Politics is the art of…