Your job interview is almost around the corner, and you are already stressing out because you are not quite sure what to wear? If this is true, don’t worry! We have some essential tips that will help you nail the business outfit like a pro, because, as you already know, you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Stay with us and find out how to dress to impress and manage to get a job at the same time.

Decode Dress Code

When preparing for an important job interview, it is essential that you familiarize with the company’s dress code – is it strictly formal, or you can maybe pull off business casual? Contrary to popular belief, a suit is not always the best option when it comes to this occasion. You will look silly if you go there all dressed up, and all the employees wear jeans and regular t-shirts, right? For this reason, decoding dress code should be the first step of preparing for an interview. Here are the three possible styles:


Even though the word ‘casual’ is pretty much indicative, you should definitely keep off your flip flops and tank tops at least until they really hire you. Such pieces can seem unprofessional at first glance, so stay away from them. Instead, men should wear long-sleeved dress shirts paired up with nice khaki pants. Of course, a belt and shoes should match. On the other hand, women should combine pants or pencil skirt with a collared shirt. If this is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for a work dress.

Business Casual

Business casual implies more formal outfit than it was the case with the casual one, however, it should not be too formal. As for women, their go-to choice should be a blouse matched up with dress pants or a pencil skirt. High heels are required here because they will complement the overall look even more. When it comes to men, they should definitely forget the traditional suit. Instead, they should opt for a button-down shirt and chinos, together with dress shoes. Guys, you won’t make a mistake with such a combo!

Business Professional

Last but not least, here comes the business professional style. Suits are an absolute must in companies with a formal dress code, so make sure that you follow the rules. Of course, you can always pick tailored suits instead of regular ones. Besides that, a tie and dress shoes are obligatory, together with a button-down shirt. Ladies should opt for a blazer which will look perfect when combined with collared shirt and pants or skirt. Heels are also necessary here, to add a touch of glamour to an overall look.

Pay Attention to Details

Attention to details is extremely important, simply because small things will make your outfit even more perfect and appropriate for that particular company. It is essential that your fingernails are always trimmed and cleaned, as well as that your shoes are well-polished. You should know that body piercing is not allowed, except for small ear piercings for women. Needless to say, fresh breath is obligatory, so make sure that you have that covered, too. Keep accessories to the minimum and use perfume sparingly. The same goes for makeup – the more natural the better. Here is a tip for guys with beard – keep it well-groomed and combed, so that it looks neat and tidy. And don’t forget deodorant!

Getting ready for an important job interview doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think – on the contrary, you should relax and be prepared so that nothing can surprise you. Making a good first impression is everything, and you will certainly accomplish that if you have our tips in mind. Dress to impress and you’ll be just fine!