A blocked drainage pipe is a nightmare at its worst. Chemical drain cleaners available on the shelves out there may clear the blockage but can also cause structural damage to your pipes. Besides, harsh chemical cleaners release toxic fumes, which is severely harmful to the environment as well as for the human body. This is why, when it comes to drain unblocking, choose to avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

Now the question is how to unblock your drains without using those strong chemicals. Well, you just need to continue reading.

Understanding The Drainage System

In order to clear the blocked drainage system, the first thing you need to do is locate the blockage. Typically, most households has a common line that carries out waste from bathroom sink, shower and tub, and another line taking waste from kitchen sink and toilet. Both these waste removal drainage lines feed to the main sewer line. And this main sewer line is connected to the municipal sewer or septic tank.

Fixing a Slow Draining Pipe

Is water draining too slowly these days? It’s probably because something is obstructing the waterflow inside the pipe. Try to access the drain trap and clear the debris and build-ups, if you find any. If this doesn’t fix the drainage problem, use a drain snake to clear the blockage. Or you can pour a huge amount of warm water in the clogged up pipe to break up the blockage into pieces and restore the optimal flow within the pipe.

Clogged Bathroom Drains

Products like hair, shampoo and soap can cause blockage in your shower and bathtub drainage. If water isn’t draining down through one of your bathroom drains, open the drain cover and use a drain cleaning tools like a snake or a plunger to take out the build-up. If this doesn’t work, call out a blocked drain repair specialist right out.

Clearing Stubborn Blockages

If blockage is too stubborn and severe to clean using DIY home remedies, don’t wait any longer to seek help from a professional drainage company. The blocked drain repair professionals in Canterbury use state-of-the-art high pressure water jetting technology and latest mechanical tools that can help you clear any complex blockage in minimal time with minimal to zero disruption. The drainage repair specialists use CCTV equipment to locate the build-up and confirm if your pipe doesn’t have cracks or any other damage before cleaning the drainage pipe using hydro-jetting equipment.

Prevent Blockages From Recurring

If you don’t want that blockages keep coming back to your drainage system, make sure you clear the clog permanently in the first attempt. Know the root cause of the problem by performing a CCTV drainage inspection. And choose the most effective drain unblocking treatment to wash away all clogs and debris from within the pipe.

What’s next? Give your drainage system preventive maintenance to avoid blockages and other drainage problem. Use baking soda and vinegar formula to clean all your household drains once a week. Don’t dump waste or items in the drains that they are not designed to carry out.

For any drainage emergency, immediately call out a blocked drain repair company in Canterbury. Many professional drainage companies in Canterbury provide drain unblocking and other drain repair services for 24/7.