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Dr. Islam Gouda is a young professional with a passion for marketing. Dr. Gouda has a doctorate from the University of California in Strategic Marketing as a result of the many articles, research studies and publications in that field. He also has a masters degree from the University of Wollongong in Strategic Marketing, and a masters degree from Lehigh university in organizational leadership, and is a graduate from the American University of Sharjah in Marketing and Management


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What Makes Customers Happy?

The most common question between all companies operating in many markets is: how to make our customers happy – it is a synonymous of how we can make more profit, and this is the biggest mistake companies do when dealing with their customers. This approach/question leads to trying to make the perfect product or service…

Working the Problems of Content Marketing

Infomercials, marketing intelligence, press releases, thought leadership… all these classic marketing formats were developed to meet business goals –  conversions, brand engagement, sales and revenues – by adopting an essentially editorial approach. Content marketing in its many forms adopts the same basic mechanism today. Content marketing is about engaging prospects and consumers with informative or…

Marketing of the Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a vital element in representing a company, it provides an understanding for the customers on how the company is operating, what to expect when dealing with the company, and is considered the lowest cost marketing initiative that can attract customers and leverage the brand. The connection between corporate cultures and customers are…

How to Be a Good Customer

A “Good Customer” from the perspective of retailers and companies is a consumer who is not only a frequent visitor but also a frequent purchaser. According to experts on Business Law Ethics, a “Good Customer” from the ethical perspective-the branch of ethical consumption-is one who is conscious about the environment and its surroundings. The customers…

Group Buying: The Ups and Downs

Group buying is a relatively new concept that started in China, where retailers provided discounts and offers to customers who come and purchase a certain product. It was later adopted by websites, as Groupon offering deals and discounts on various products. At the beginning the concept was successful; many retailers capitalized on the visitation of…

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Dr. Islam Gouda

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