“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

Sitting behind my keyboard, I’ve notice that people generally speak their minds more candidly on social media than through any other form of communication. This is because our profiles open the door to a world of self-expression and what can easily be free of judgement at the click of the “delete” or “block” button. But what worries me is that people don’t take a few moments to actively think about what they are trying to say before they share it with the world.

In regards to “feminism”, women have varying opinions on male privilege and patriarchy, whether it be that they view men as equal to them or utterly beneath them. Regardless of their sentiment, they’ll all tag #feminist at the end of their rant. But this is when we need to get back to the root of the word, the true meaning of its intentions.

Our forceful opinions as women drive men to believe that feminism is aimed at belittling men when it’s not. Every #feminist tweet doesn’t get the feminist stamp of approval. A woman can say she’s a feminist all she wants but that doesn’t actually make her one. I can call myself a realist all day and all night, but if I’m constantly painting heart-shaped clouds in the sky and magenta unicorns on land, I’m not much of a realist, am I?

Even two women who both identify as true feminists may lead completely different lives. There are so many subcategories to feminism that for one to say he or she absolutely doesn’t agree with feminism at all is absurd. Unless, of course, you believe that women should go back to the kitchen where they belong. But if you believe in gender equality, then generally you believe in some form of feminism.

Female anti-feminists are only OK-ing the right to be oppressed, which is mainly what feminism is against. (What astonishes me about women who are anti-feminists is the fact that their right to voice their uninformed opinions was only afforded to them because of the victories of feminists themselves.)

Regardless of what you believe about feminism, I want to inform you of what it means to me… 

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