Saudi Arabia King Abdullah decided to allow women in the oil rich kingdom to participate in elections and run for ‘office’. As a result, at least 19 Saudi women have won seats on local municipal councils for the first time in the country’s history. If men had not brought them to the polling place, they would not have been able to vote.

Some winners have joined the150 members of the Consultative Council, who ‘give advice’ to Abdullah. In a nod to the ‘old guard’, the King said that the men in the Council may look directly at the women when they talk but don’t have to listen.

Abdullah also decreed that women no longer need to ask a male in their household to scratch where they itch as long as the itch is located on a part of the body that is visible through their long cloak called an abaya and their veil, a niqāb. This works out to about 1 square inch around the eyes, modesty being the hallmark here.

In addition, if women are to be stoned for infractions like de-pitting a date without permission, or actually speaking to someone not deemed ‘appropriate’ by a man, any man, the local council must use stones with no sharp corners and in total, weigh less than a half pound. They shall be thrown by people who have been proven to have a ‘bad aim’. This is big news.

Also, if a woman needs to know the time, she doesn’t have to ask a man if the clock is in the same room.

In a show of total stupidity, the Washington politicians who have still not passed the ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ here in America assailed the lack of woman’s rights in Saudi Arabia. These members of congress have not had marital sex since arriving in Washington.

(Real fact) A General Election Commission spokesman said that out of 130,000 female registered voters, 106,000 cast ballots, or roughly 82 per cent. If 82% voted here in the U.S. the Equal Rights Amendment would have passed long ago.

"That's one small step for Saudi women...."

“That’s one small step for Saudi women….”