Most people would watch a movie because they have an interest for it. Like if a person likes comedy movies then they would watch these kind of movies. Unfortunately if they watch a bad comedy movie then its a miss for them. Aside from interest one other factor to why people would watch a movie would be name value.

Like the Star Wars movies because these are popular names and people would watch it. The movies may end up being bad, but people would watch it before so that they can get their share. Just like what Star Wars is doing now, they are branching out to different spin off stories. Rogue One is an example where it did very well using the Star Wars name. However, does the name of an actor or an actress drive potential viewers?

The movie’s name value is there but can an actor drive the audience to watch the movie. There are some producers that believe that the name value of an actor could be a driving force. Like if they hear that Actor X is starring on a movie then they would watch it right away.  You can also watch some most popular actors movies on gomovies.

Then again as always the actor isn’t the only factor because regardless if the actor has name value, if the movie is bad then its bad. There are some people that love supporting movies of their favorite actors. If Actor X is starring in a movie then people go watch it right away. An actor’s name value does help drive the people to watch especially if the movie isn’t renowned yet.

If it isn’t a remake or sequel then tagging a popular actor’s name to that movie will help drive some viewers to it. Even if this popular actor is playing a supporting role, they always tend to put the name in front because that is an effective marketing strategy. There are some that may not like it since the main actors are taking a backseat but that’s just a tactic of course.

The question is that if there are multiple popular actors in one movie, then that could be good. The downside is that studios tend to pay up more since they are paying for the actors that have high fees. An actor’s name value can go a long way especially for new properties. It is a different story though on how they execute their acting in this movie.