OK It’s time for me to tell you the truth about coaching.

Deep Breath. . .

OK here we go…

You do not need a coach.

WTF? Did I say that? After all, I’m a coach so why the hell would I say you don’t need one? Well, the reason is, because you simply don’t.

You might need a doctor, a plumber, or a police officer, but you don’t need a coach. And moreover you shouldn’t believe anybody who tells you that you do.

Most of the people who hire coaches would be just fine without them. They would go on living their lives, working their jobs, and spending time with their families. They would find success and suffer some failures. They would work to improve themselves and do a pretty good job.

The world is not going to stop without coaches. If coaches were outlawed, would executives stop leading? Would small business owners stop trying to run businesses? Would parents stop parenting? Of course not. They would be fine.

So then why hire a coach?

This could be a big philosophical question, but the answer is simple: because you want to.

Coaches, (at least the good ones) do one thing: accelerate the pace of change. They can only magnify your desire. They can only increase your rate of elucidation. And nothing more.

They can’t do the work for you. They can’t create motivation if there isn’t any. And they can’t wave a magic wand and make it all better.

You have to do the work. You have to be uncomfortable. You have to want to be better and be unwilling to give up until you find a way.

If a coach tells you otherwise, then they’re blowing smoke up your ass.

As a coach I’m not the hero, savior, or protagonist of your story.


On a good day, all I can hope for is to be Obi-wan. On a very good day, Yoda. I can only give you the clarity of a Spock (may he rest in peace) or the support of a Samwise, but that’s it.

The rest is up to you.

I love coaching, because my clients are amazing, inspiring, people who want to change the world and my only job is to help them. My only job is to give them a time share of my brain and my perspective so that they can use the extra capacity to grow even further than they thought possible.

That’s why I have a coach to help me. And it’s why I’ve dedicated my life to learning the elusive art of making other people into badass, underwater breathing, in the dark seeing, future predicting, movement creating people who can’t help but change the world.

But let me repeat you don’t need a coach.

Chances are you are already amazing. But if you want to take amazing to market, or badass in business at Warp 9 instead of Warp 3, find a coach who will push you, let you fail, and believes in you when you won’t or can’t believe in yourself.

If you do, you will change your life and get your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

Toku is a mindfulness expert, speaker, and coach. He lived for over two years at a Zen monastery and now helps passionate people who are good at what they do, be the best at what they do. This post was originally published on MindFitMove.