My sister and I had a conversation about how we were and how time had passed. Then I had this conversation again at work. Someone I work with has a birthday coming up and they are turning 70. Mind you he does not look like he is going to 70. Another person was asking if he felt 70. He said since he had never been 70 he didn’t know it would feel. He said he hadn’t matured any and didn’t plan to. I know someone else who told me recently that she never felt as old as she was until she had a baby in her 40s. She said she never felt like she was in her 40s until she had to chase a toddler around.

My sister (who is two years younger then me) and I were having this conversation back around our birthdays. How we couldn’t believe that I was almost 30. I don’t feel like I should be turning 30 next summer. Now there are things that I had hoped to accomplished before my 30s. Like having my own house, maybe husband, or a serious boyfriend, I am ok with not having kids yet. As I still want to do a bunch a traveling and what not. I also think a lot of the reason I don’t feel my age is because I don’t look my age. When I tell people how I am they are in shock. When I go to sporting events I still get asked at least once a season if I am a student. A lot of people still think I am in my teens or early 20s.

Here is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. It was Valentines Day and my sisters and I didn’t have a Valentine, so we decided the 3 of us would go out and get dinner and go to a movie. We decided that we wanted to see That Ackward Moment, because it looked funny and Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan are hot and good actors. So we headed to the theaters. So it was my turn to get my ticket, so I asked for the ticket, and wasn’t paying attentio I was to busy looking down getting money out. When I looked up, she wasn’t doing anything, then she seriously said, that I looked like an honest person so she was going to let me pass. I know I had a dumb look on my face so she had repeated what she said. I was a little caught off guard so it took me a minute to respond. She then proceeded to tell me that when she gives people the star down that she thinks are to young to get into an R rated movie, and they usually crack. Since I didn’t crack she was going to let me slide. I then proceeded to tell her I was well old enough to see an R rated movie, she then gave me a funny look. I proceeded to tell her I was 26, she was in shock she said I look very young. The other other lady said that we all looked pretty young. Needless to say the lady thought I was under 17.

Now I am not complaining and I don’t complain when people ask if I am still in high school. I think it’s great that I still look that young and when I am old, I will still look really young.

So do you feel your age, or even look your age? Because I sure don’t.