When a child is born, one of the most important expenses to be addressed is the purchase of diapers. The alternative to the classic disposable is the one represented by washable diapers, cloth wraps that can be washed in the washing machine and then reused a very large number of times.

Does it save a lot?

Given that the average annual savings that you get by using cloth diapers are about 300 euro, we must make some considerations. First of all, if after a few years we had a second child, it is completely negate the cost for the initial purchase, because it would already have a complete set of cloth diapers.

In this respect it should be said, however, that the low-end diapers are not very resistant and, after several washes, they tend to deteriorate in quality, especially in the area suitable for the closure, making them unusable soon. If it is planning to have more children, you should consider purchasing a slightly ‘higher-end sets of diapers, so as to ensure its reuse.

There are many types of cloth diapers. The diapers belonging to the family fold are definitely the cheapest. We’re talking about ciripà, muslin, and pre fold. It is in all three cases of diaper fabric, from wires through laces or to fold and insert in a waterproof cover (such as muslin and pre fold). They require a little ‘practice but they are affordable for everyone. In addition, the pre fold can also be reused as absorbent inserts for other types of diapers.

Pick the right number of diapers

We know this: you cannot resist all the fantasies that the market offers! Once you purchased the first nappies you would always like a model more, to match with the favorite of your child’s t-shirt. However, one of the keys to save and buy and use diapers is the right number. This will allow you to maximize the number of additional washers and you no longer need to buy disposable diapers. But what is the right number for you?

Informed of kit and quantity discounts

When did you know which model suits your child, you pick up a calculator and calculate what the purchase more convenient. Better a cloth diaper kit or point to a quantity discount? Take advantage of online shops and “fill” several trucks, comparing what is the most cost-effective solution. Many sites offer free shipping, so try to focus yourself on one store to maximize the courier cost.

What accessories are used?

In fact, the washable nappy is the only purchase you need. There are also other accessories that facilitate the use of diapers. Among these wet bag and captures poo veils are definitely the most useful. Rate according to your habits and real needs which are the accessories that are right for you.

Often, governments encourage the use of cloth diapers through the provision of funding. Ask your municipality if this possibility exists, you can bring down the cost of buying supported by up to 50%!