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CREDITS for this article’s pictures & footage contribution go to the Lord, Abba Father & DITR TALK 2 ME TEAM Volunteers for this year. Also I’d like to thank Him for enabling me to bring forth the vision of Talk 2 Me Media, and empowering me to report on so many events with so little available. Thank you to “Renie Love” of One Love Radio in Bridgeport who did a fantabulous job getting us much of our video footage and stage pics; Katrina Atkinson (cousin), and Tammie Briscoe (younger sister) who were a great support. Thank you so much to this years’ T2M MEDIA TEAM. You did a fantabulous job for your first time covering an event. God bless you all.

Please keep my younger cousin, Katrina, in prayer (in the red). Recently, she was hospitalized, and is going through illness.


On Saturday, May 7, 2016 the Prudential Center located at 25 Lafayette Street, in Newark, NJ was on FIRE! Twenty thousand people filled the house to experience the legendary talents of many gospel artists, and to witness the emerging talents of over 3,000 contestants who shared the stage with some of the greatest in the gospel industry.

What a fantabulous time at this years’ McDonald’s Gospelfest! The producer, Mr. Farrow & Irving Street did it again. Every year it just gets greater. “Every year I’m in awe of the wonderful talents and gifts that God has so abundantly blessed us with to share with the world. Every year it gets bigger and better” says the Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer and Director of McDonald’s Gospelfest, A. Curtis Farrow. McDonald’s has given more than 6 million dollars in scholarships over the years.

Jennifer Holiday, “The Original Dreamgirl.”

The gospel greats who graced the stage were phenomenal, such as: Pastor Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams; 

 “The Original Dreamgirl,” Jennifer Holiday, Donnie McCurklin, Bishop Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Tye Tribbett, Karen Clarke-Sheard; Cissy Houston, “The Dutchess of Gospel,” and Tamela Mann. Words can’t describe the high time in the Lord, and the anointing that filled the room. You had to be there. Well my team was, and for the first time they got to partake in what I relish in every since covering the fest for my first in 2009. They were elated. Talk 2 Me Media had to split up to bring to you the best footage possible.

Che’ri Humphrey & Donnie McCurklin

For me, it was a true blessing to once again cover the event, and to sing with the McDonald’s Super Choir who broke the Guinness Book of World Records last year. Since, 2007 I’ve been singing with the choir. This year we sang with Jennifer Holiday, the original “Dreamgirl” herself. That was a surreal experience, especially seeing “Dreamgirls” the play as a youth then to actually be on the stage with her once again as I did in 2005 on Our Lives talk show, in Norwalk, CT. This was different in the fact that I was a part of the world’s best gospel choir in front of 20,000 people giving God the glory with my fellow choir members; too wonderful to put into words.

McDonald’s Gospelfest has grown to be one of the nation’s superlative gospel celebrations. There’s no other gospel concert in the New York Metro area with so many gospel greats perform on one stage, for 1 night. The opening of the year’s show was one of a kind. George Faison, the first African American to win a Tony Award for choreography for the Broadway smash hit “The Wiz.” Faison unveiled the world premiere of his new original piece, “Kingdom Come.” 

Mesmerizing!! Cissy Houston did a special dedication in memory of Prince with a song entitled, “Until We Meet Again.”

With so many contestants I’m sure the judges had a hard time making their decisions. One of the girls who immediately caught my attention at the start of the teen competition was Jacqueline who I knew was going to win just listening to a couple of bars she sang. I said to my team, “Let’s GO, we must get an interview with this girl. She’s going to win. I know it!” It was a pleasure to see Isaac Zellner who’s won the teen dance competition over 7 years in a row, as a judge.  Isaac was also with DITR for its promo on the MAKE IT HAPPEN SHOW produced by Pamela Wright in Hartford, CT on channel 5; and blessed us in dance at A STAR IS BORN 6: THE FIX! & RUNNING INTO THE LIGHT 3! This was DITR’s annual workshop for survivors of abuse which we do every year.


He’s blessed DITR a few times by coming to dance at our events. I knew this decision wouldn’t be simple for him either because Jacqueline hit those high notes like Minnie Rippleton, and the others she was singing up against were just as good, but there was something about her that stood out to me as same as the judges because she actually did win. Her performance was penetrating.

I asked Jacqueline Render where she was from backstage after her performance, and she said, “Neptune, NJ.” She said she’s 16 years old and it’s her first year doing the MGF.

“What song did you sing?”

“When I see Jesus,” she exclaimed. She was standing their while the chaperone waited, and the other youth contestants who had performed.

“Why did you choose that song?”

“I can relate with it because it tells my life story,” she says. “I want to make someone happy. As long as I make someone happy I’m ok.”

Jacqueline looked so cute with her flowered dress, and curly hair hanging down. Congratulations to her because she did an outstanding job!

Among the rap finalists was Sammy Maximin of Stratford, CT.  Sammy has appeared in my show  “A Star is Born 5: Grace,” was a gospel artist for Bassick High School Black History Event this year, and has been on my broadcast, TALK 2 ME RADIO.  He and I attended the same church under Pastor Joseph Greene, True Vine of Holiness, in Bridgeport CT for two years that I was there. Sammy has his videos on You Tube, and music on I Tunes plus Reverbnation.  He’s an inspiration for those his age. He’s now in college and is making his church family, relatives, friends, and community a better place by his powerful and heart-filled gospel rap!!  Congratulations on being a finalist.

This years’ McDonald’s Gospelfest Winners and Special Featured Performances Were:

Categories Winner Hometown

1 Rap Kenneth Armstead “Army Regime” Jamaica, NY

2 Poetry Imani Alleyne Jamaica, NY

3 Praise Solo/Trio Mya Gomez Bronx, NY

4 Praise Dance Group Sinai’s Radiant Liturgical Dance Ministry Jamaica, NY

5 Step Regime Performing Arts Step Team Brooklyn, NY

6 Group Omusubi Sisters New York, NY

7 Comedian Bill Gilbert Hackensack, NJ

8 Teen Soloist Jacqueline Render, age 16 Neptune, NJ

9 Male Soloist Bernard McClinton Newburgh, NY

10 Female Soloist Quanisha Dockery Newark, NJ

11 Youth Choir 100 Voices of Hillside Hillside, NJ

12 Adult Choir Kean Gospel Choir Kean University/Union NJ

Special Featured Performances

13 International Don’t Give Up Choir Japan

14 Over 80 Years Old Arthur Thompson – Soloist Asbury Park, NJ

15 Junior Kayla Williford-Jones, age 10 Teaneck, NJ

16 Junior Ronnell Harrison, age 11 Plainfield, NJ

17 Junior Jasmine Bell, age 10 Middletown, NY

18 Junior Karina Vartanian, age 12 Central Islip, NY

19 Junior Keith Bellamy, age 12 Asbury Park, NJ

Other contestants who were interviewed by T2M were the winners from 2015 choir competition, “Montelair State University,” who had on the blue robes. Their choir consisted of 30 members who rehearse twice per week on Mondays and Wednesdays to stay sharp. The Director is Elijah Griffitas.

In purple robes was “Uncommon Champion Choir,” of Brooklyn from Nigeria who say they’re like a family their choir. This was their first year at MGF which was a great experience for them they exclaimed.

Those in all black were “The Sound of Victory Fellowship Choir” from Brooklyn, NY. Its’ members consisted of those from places like the Bronx, Brooklyn, CT, Boston, etc. They said they rehearse every Wednesday as a choir. Their Director is Vincent Bohanan who says, “… no auditions needed just be at rehearsals.” They performed for the first time at the MGF with 85 members strong!

Japanese choir named the “Don’t Give Up Choir” consisted of members who live both in the US and Japan. They performed with 20 members, and 3 spiritual music dancers, a dance called, “Gtagaku.”

Pastor Shirley Caesar has been interviewed by T2M several times in the past. Our team member, Renie Love was able to get a pic with Pastor Caesar, and interview her background singers. This time is was a pleasure sharing short conversation with her background singers: Donald Gore (no relations) has been singing with her for 20 years; Bernard Sterling has been singing with her 40 years; Liza Butts 20 has been singing with her for 20 years. They said she is just who she is in person as she is on stage. She lives the life she preaches. All 4 background singers have been with her for 20 years or more. Donald says each member is now working on their solo projects.

There’s no doubt that each and every person whether gospel celebrity, or not, blessed others with their gifts. Knowing the feeling of being a contestant several times, I’m sure the experience was like dreamlike and unreal. There was one thing my team all united on was the move of God once Tamela Mann hit the stage although we all witness different performances at various times during the night. All of us were attempting to get pics, but the anointing fell in the arena, and we were so touched by Tamela’s musical voice that we all started crying and screaming out praises to God! A healing, an overwhelming joy was bubbling up. I thought I’d fall completely apart when she began to sing, “This Place.” I could just imagine when I see the manifestation of the visions God has given me throughout the years unfold-oh to be in that place had me crying with total joy!

In essence, it was a high time!  My girl Toya Beasley (formerly of KISS FM) was there once again, Liz Black of WLIB, & elected officials, pastors, lay members and non members alike from all over world came to share in this festive time.  Here are some additional pics for your viewing. My team did a wonderful job getting footage to say it was their first time. I was sick with bronchittis, ear infection, and horrible allergies, and was getting over a fever. I thought I wouldn’t make it, but with Renie’s Jamaican, special, hot tea potion and prayer I pushed through, and the Lord held the sick until the end of the night. We had a ball! 

God bless you Mr. Farrow, Brian, Camille, Terence, JE, and Hassan! Miss you Matt!

~Che’ri Humphrey

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