I’ve noticed that companies will too often employ an agency to redesign or reskin their website, logo, brand, whatever. Why do agencies do it? It’s good money. It’s new business. Who would say no to that?

But there’s an underlying problem. A new website or new brand can be cologne on a corpse. Doing a redesign project can end up only providing a small slice of what a company actually needs to move their brand forward. 

Is a big, giant project like a website redesign the most optimum solution to a company’s root problems? More importantly, do they even know what their problems are?

This is where the Biz Dev & Consulting side come into play.

“Sure, we’ll give you some multimedia projects. We’ll give you a new website. But what you really need is SEO help. You need PPC. You need a better social presence. You need increased engagement with your audience.” The list goes on.

A new website will look sexy and people will be impressed, but the meat of the matter is left unsolved. Sometimes small fixes that can be offered on a subscription or packaged basis (SEO/SEM, social media, content marketing, etc.) can be more effective as growth engines for companies in the long term.

It’s results-driven digital marketing. It’s not a sexy realm, but when it complements the work digital agencies are already putting out, it’s a sweet alchemy and a win-win scenario.