I remember the first piano my parents had in the dining room. Over the years, I had many types of keyboards because it always felt good to make music. While I enjoyed playing and writing music, it was a hobby that made me happy.  I did not realize until later in life the unique benefits of learning to play the piano.

Teaching Children to Play the Piano

My parents had the right idea to encourage me to learn how to play music. Parents magazine reveals learning to play an instrument as a child can improve academic skills. It also helps develop social and physical skills while it refines patience and discipline. Plus, learning a musical instrument teaches kids about other cultures and boosts their self-esteem.

Adults Taking Piano Lessons

Fortunately, children of all ages can take piano lessons and benefit from them. Adults can reduce stress, improve their hearing, and fine tune their brain function by playing the piano. For those facing difficult times, playing the piano can also help to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression. And everyone can develop stronger hand muscles from playing  the piano.

Beyond making beautiful music, learning to play the piano offers a myriad of benefits. Playing a musical instrument provides physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits for a better life.